Need for Speed Undercover was the best racing game

Need for Speed Undercover was one of last year's most expected racing titles, with a big number of fans being very excited about the new game, which promised to do away with the last iteration, ProStreet.

But, even though the game followed the same basic recipe as others, fans weren't very happy with it, citing the length and the relative easiness of the battles as a disappointing factor. Now, however, the producer of NFS Undercover, Marc DeVellis, has just announced that the game will receive a brand new DLC pack, containing a new mode entitled Challenge Series, a pack that will be completely free.

The new feature will consist of ten game modes, with classics such as Sprints, Circuits or Takedown gaining two new additions, Highway Wars and Highway Checkpoint. It will have two difficulty levels (street and pro), with the harder mode being unlocked after one completes the first 30 events in street setting.

As players will race in the 60 total events, they will unlock three reward cars, one after completing the street level (battle machine from ProStreet), one after finishing the pro level (Speed Machine), and one after dominating at least 31 events (Dominator). These new cars will be available for use both in online and offline races.

Estimated at around seven hours of new gameplay, the new Challenge series will give contesters even more high-speed thrills, especially with the new Highway Wars mode. This is, basically, an evolution of the Highway Battle event in the original game, as the player will have to race on a highway filled with traffic against three AI-controlled cars.

All in all, this brand new DLC pack for the racing game will be something that will definitely get a lot of players back in front of the virtual steering wheel and race once more through the streets of NFS Undercover. Looking forward to the announcement of the release date soon.

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