Sabily 9.10 (GAZA)

Sabily, operating system, like MS Windows or Mac OS X, is the new name of Ubuntu Muslim Edition, the Operating System designed by and for Muslims (but non-Muslims are very welcome to use it too ).

Sabily 9.10 is available as a Live DVD (so you can test it without installing anything on your computer), with 2 versions:

• Small version (1 GB): contains the main Sabily packages (artwork, islamic applications) and Arabic support
• Full version (2.8 GB): same as above plus multimedia, education and miscellaneous packages, besides offline Quran recitations provided by versebyversequran: Muhammad Siddeeq al-Minshawi, Huzify, Sa’ad al-Ghamadi and Mishary Rashed Alafasy

Beginning Ubuntu Linux, Fourth Edition
I already have Windows, why would I use Sabily?
Because Sabily is free, already includes all software you need in your everyday tasks, and is customized specifically for Muslims. And even if you didn't buy Windows, you should not use pirated copies because then you are still supporting Microsoft by adding to the impression it's the only OS available.

What software are included in Sabily?

• OpenOffice (word processor, spreasheet, presentation)
• Firefox (web browser)
• Pidgin (instant messaging)
• F-spot (photos management)
• Gimp (image manipulation program)

Main features:

• Parental control tool installed (WebStrict)
• Zekr and Mus-haf Othman (Quran study tool), able to play Quran recitations
• Minbar and Firefox 'Pray Times' add-on (Prayer times apps)
• Monajat (application that popups prayers every predetermined time
• Thwab (Encyclopaedia)
• Hijra (Islamic calendar)
• Usplash, login screen, Islamic wallpapers and theme (Custom artwork)
• WebStrict (Parental control tool).
• Full support for Arabic language.
• The full version of the DVD contains multimedia, scientific, educational and many other useful software

Sabily seems very interesting, what should I do to use it?

You have to download the ISO file and to burn it on a DVD, then to start your computer from the DVD. You will have the choice to test or to install the system. In a first time we advise you to test it because it is safe for your computer, nothing will be written on your hard disk. You can even test Sabily directly from Windows, by using a Virtual Box image. ubuntume

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