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Efofex products are the quickest and easiest way to produce the images and equations you need. Nothing else comes close.

 FX Graph 4
Powerful Graphing - Dead Simple

FX Graph 4 takes FX Graph to a new levels of power and ease of use. All of the old features are still there, plus a raft of new ones.FX Graph is different to most graphing packages - it is dead simple. So simple that secondary students will be using it to solve problems within minutes of first seeing it.Does simplicity limit versatility? Not with FX Graph. FX Graph has a large number of capabilities - far more than we can show you here.

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FX Stat 2
Interact With Your Data
FX Stat is a statistics program designed for secondary school teachers and students. Just what you need, with nothing extra. It is easy to use, powerful and does things the way you want them done. FX Stat creates a powerful, dynamic statistical environment for the exploration of data in all of its forms. Students and teachers will love the ability to produce high-quality statistically correct graphics for use in tests, examinations, worksheets and assignments.

FX Equation 4
Astoundingly Quick Equations

FX Equation is simply the fastest way to produce mathematical and scientific equations. It provides an equation creation environment that really is "Astoundingly Quick". FX Equation 4 adds automatic vertical alignment of equals signs and a high speed toolbar entry system that can speed up entry of more complicated equations. FX Equation also adds short division signs, "fill in the blank" boxes, combinations, permutations, arcs, highlighted lines and an on-screen keyboard for use with interactive whiteboards.To use FX Equation, you just type the equation. FX Equation looks at what you have typed and puts everything in the right place. You never have to touch the mouse.

System Requirements:

  1. Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7 (NOT Mac compatible)
  2. Can integrate into most word processors but explicit support is provided for Microsoft Office 2000 and later
  3. Efofex provides support for use of our products in Microsoft Powerpoint
  4. Installation of our products on a Vista based network will raise a few challenges for network administrators, support documents

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