10 Cheap and Free Ways to Protect Your Mobile Workers Without Driving Them Buggy

The security of your corporate data and the integrity of your company network are put at risk whenever you travel with a business laptop. That's because the laptop is no longer protected by the physical security that your office provides, or the security systems designed to protect the software running on it. And any malware that gets on to your laptop has the potential to infect other devices on your network next time your laptop connects to it. But mobile security need not be expensive: here are ten ways you can minimize these risks to your laptop at little or even no cost:

1. Encrypt the hard drive
2. Use a VPN
3. Update and patch your software
4. Run a firewall and anti-virus software
5. Bolt down your browser
6. Chain up your laptop
7. Encrypt your e-mails
8. Keep your backup data secure
9. Practice safe computing
10. Password protect.

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