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PhotoSweeper helps quickly and efficiently remove similar or duplicate photos on your Mac. Photos are compared regardless of their sizes or formats and grouped by similarity.

Why do you need PhotoSweeper?
  • You have great photo collections and need a tool to clean them up.
  • You take a lot of photos to get a perfect one and removing others takes a long time.
  • Your photos occupy huge disk space and you want to sort them out.

• Easy to find photos
Just drag and drop folders to allow PhotoSweeper to scan and find all photos inside.

• 6 different comparison methods
You have an opportunity to choose an algorithm and adjust its settings to get the appropriate results. Each method determines what to compare and how to group the results.

• Fast
PhotoSweeper was developed to be extremely fast, even for comparing large number of photos. Using caches allows you to make second and later comparing much faster. You have an opportunity to regroup the results on-the-fly by changing a threshold of similarity as well.

• Easy to manage results
Review results in "Photo Pair" or "Groups" mode. Put photos into a virtual container "Box" before handling. Delete, move, copy selected photos. Bulk rename photos while copying or removing.

• Great photo browsing
PhotoSweeper provides an up-to-date photo browser with such features: fast loading of thumbnails, Quick Look preview, drag and drop support, showing photo paths, etc.

Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 or later

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