Facebook Attacked by Hackers

The hackers attacked about 200 million of the facebook users in the world at Thursday, May 14 and obtained many passwords from many facebook users successfully. They got more and more passwords through action were called pishing attack that breaks in the user account. They sent an email to the friends of the users than asked them to open and visit the counterfeit sites.

The counterfeit sites were developed as well as the facebook site. The victims were directed to log to the sites that they know as the facebook site, whereas they entering wrong sites that controlled by the hackers and without they know the users have given the passwords to the hackers.

The objectives of hacked like this was categories into robbing and spreading spasm. The hackers want to obtain a lot of important information (relevant of the facebook users) than used the collapse accounts to sent counterfeit emails that informed about pharmacy products and the other products to the other facebook users. Actually, all of the email was false.

The counterfeit domain which used by the hackers is www.151.im, www.121.im, and www.123.im. Therefore, the site was being cleaning, the facebook moderator have deleted all of the referents that have relationship with the counterfeit domains and have blocked attacked accounts.

Last year the hackers have attacked this site with bad virus was called Koobface (relevan to facebook). This virus downloaded to facebook user’s personal computer when the users opened emails which have delivered from friends in facebook site.

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